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Saturday, August 15, 2015

How To Water Your Plants When You Are Not At Home

We are away for the weekend. The plants need to be watered every day. What can be done? Though most of my plants have a water reservoir, they don’t seem to help much so I saw on this website a method of watering tomatoes and adapted it to my whole container garden. I will use the containers afterwards as planters in my new basement garden. 

The process should have been easy, just drill some holes in some cheap containers. Add some manure, fill them with water and close the lid. The lid should hopefully reduce the flow of the water out of the containers so it is slow and steady. The manure should reduce flow and add a boost of nutrients.  This seemed to work for most of the containers but I didn’t get to see them for long. If my plants are alive when I get home either it worked or it rained.

Now this was not as simple as the steps I listed of course because I have a little dude in toe who likes to explore his surroundings. I told him not to touch the manure because it is poo and that is yucky. He said he would not touch it. Turn my back for a second and there he is, he has grabbed a spade and is digging in the manure. It is all over his hands. I tell him not to move and he proceeds to wipe those hands all over his shirt and shorts. My cries to stop are in vein. So I had to pause half way to clean him up. That’s life I suppose.